Luke & BNP ASC


BNP ASC ask to me to think about a new digital way to engage people and modernize their interface in short delay. I worked on atomic design / design system to gain time and focus on AD wich was a success move. In a short time, i deliver more than 30 pages !

ASC is for BNP's associations but before all, people who want to practice sports, activities and more in group. I wanted my Art direction illustrate the values behind sport and adopt codes who can speack to all. My awsner was a Bold, clean and visual identity.

citation BNP ASC Homepage lame pricing and formule
tennis man

and clean

inscription register slider
french basket
map and content

Atomic design process and starterpack were the key of success delivery on time !

starter pack usefull tool for dev
Starter Pack, a powerfull tool
for signing between team crea and front dev
Thank you

Antoine Paufichet
Vincent Chamaron

ICC 100